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Electric Water Heaters

marathon water heaterAvailable in 30, 40, 50, 85, and 105-gallon models are energy efficient, Marathon water heaters. Only Marathon offers the one thing you're looking for in a water heater. . .everything. They have a tough but lightweight outer shell, heating elements and an inner water tank that will never rust, corrode or leak. Marathon water heaters are so well made, they come with a Lifetime No-Leak warranty. Not only do they have a long life and are very durable, they are efficient. Pipe Wrap Energy Kit is included to reduce heat loss from plumbing lines. Giving you a very functional and affordable water heater you can always count on. 

Part # Description Price
10698 30 gallon $850.20
10699 40 gallon $912.60
10700 50 gallon $958.10
10701 85 gallon $1,146.60
10702 105 gallon $1,462.50
10707 Elements $72.63
10708 Thermostat $31.88


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