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Electric BBQ Grills

MECO electric grillElectric Grills offer you the great taste of outdoor grilling, without the mess and inconvenience of charcoal, lava rock, or the bother of L.P. gas. Just plug your grill into a standard household outlet and grill your food, without flames or flare-ups. MECO’s state of the art grills come with many exclusive features. The vertical element position is perfect for rotisserie cooking and the adjustable heating element lets you cook food rare or well done at the same time. The carefully placed reflective surface uniformly distributes the heat, letting meat drippings sizzle and char instantly as they fall onto the hot element, creating the perfect BBQ flavor.

While there are several sizes of MECO grills, we only carry the small portable (tabletop) model that you can easily move and barbecue indoors or outdoors. The cost is $102.59.

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